Kamustahan with our Kababayans


150225 kumustahan b

Bangko Kabayan gathered former OFWs as well as relatives of OFWs for a “Kamustahan” Lunch last February 25, 2015 at Hap Chan Restaurant in Batangas City. This event served as a venue to share their experiences with other OFWs and their relatives. One of the insights that surfaced during the sharing session was that education is the main reason why most of our “kababayans” have decided to leave our country and work abroad. They want to ensure that the future of their family is secured through better opportunities for their children.

It is just fitting that Bangko Kabayan went into a partnership with PhilSmile in order to offer a channel that would allow OFWs to pay for the tuition fee of their children directly from abroad to the school here in the Philippines. By making sure their kids’ tuition fees are settled on time, the children will be able to take their exams on time as well and eventually graduate. Through this, the fulfillment of their dream to secure their families’ future is within reach. This service will soon be offered in our Batangas, Mabini, and San Pascual branches.

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