Bangko Kabayan Foundation Inc.

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We will be Bangko Kabayan’s partner in advancing the culture of sharing by promoting value formation in the community, especially among the youth, campaign for sustainable development and innovative social entrepreneurship and growth especially in micro and small enterprises.


BKFI is committed to support the advancement of the communities where Bangko Kabayan operates, especially among the youth, MSMEs and OFWs, in the pursuit of the full human potential, sustainable development and innovative social entrepreneurship. BKFI is committed to inculcate the culture of sharing among the staff of BK and the local communities by encouraging involvement and active participation in the foundation’s programs and activities.

New Thrusts and Objectives

  1. Value Formation
    1. Communicate on the potential risks of migration for the families
    2. Conduct trainings on Financial Literacy, Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship (FLSE) for OFWs
    3. Create a flexible system that promote and fund social and environmental projects coming from employees
    4. Conduct value trainings for existing scholars and provide support for education locally

  2. Sustainable Development
    1. Improve waste management and waste reduction practices
    2. Develop a Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) ecosystem
    3. Promote education on sustainable agriculture
    4. Raise awareness on sustainable consumption

  3. Good Entrepreneurship
    1. Promote better business practices
    2. Structure the value chain by building a comprehensive ecosystem
    3. Develop new innovative social enterprises